Glen Innes Highlands Stemless Glasses

Mocktails, wine or a whiskey on the rocks, these lovely crystal glasses are a gift for Christmas, anniversary, birthday or just to subtly say "Glen Innes Highlands", softly etched on the side.

Sold individually and if you purchase in lots of 4 they can be boxed together. 

Luigi Bormioli Optica stemless glasses with discreet one colour mock etch "Glen Innes Highlands" logo

Ideal for serving a whiskey on the rocks, your favourite mixed spirit, wine or water, juice and soda.
450ml capacity
Italian made Retro 1920's inspired ribbed design and classic look.
SON.hyx® ultra-clear glass that will remain sparkling after 4000 industrial dishwasher cycles.
Eco-friendly lead-free crystal, manufactured with low emission levels of CO2.
Dishwasher safe.
25-year guarantee against rim and foot chipping as well as discoloration from dishwashing.