Small Thor’s Hammer Pendant on Cotton Thong

Thor’s hammer is one of the most iconic symbols in Norse mythology. The hammer, known as Mjölnir, was said to be capable of levelling mountains and crushing giants. It was also a powerful weapon against the forces of chaos and destruction. In modern times, the hammer has come to symbolize strength, power, and protection. Many people wear Thor’s hammer pendants as a way to show their commitment to these values. The pendant is also a reminder of our connection to the ancient past. When we look at Thor’s hammer, we are reminded of the power of myth and legend, and the enduring importance of our cultural heritage.

This depiction of Thor’s hammer is sometimes called the “wolf cross” which appears to be of Icelandic origin.

Width: 19mm Height: 37mm | Thong length (max.): 30 inch (76cm)

Supplied in a recyclable gift box.


As with all St Justin products, this item comes with a lifetime guarantee. If there is a fault in the workmanship, we will repair or replace it free of charge. Simple.

Ref PN43