Black Face Mask

Locally made to health standards and specifications.

100% Cotton with polyester non woven filter lining

Each mark is packaged and includes the following instructions and information:

How to use your mask to help prevent virus spread.

  1. Wash your hands
  2. With the mask over your nose and mouth, hook the stretchy band behind your ears to keep it in place.
  3. Pinch the wire over the bridge of your nose to fit the mask to your face.
  4. Wash your hands before removing your mask
  5. To remove your mask, unhook it from one ear and pull it away from your face
  6. Never reuse a mask you have removed until it has been washed.
  7. These masks are suitable for machine washing.
  8. After washing store in a snap lock resealable bag
  9. To tighten the mask, simply pull the ear loop and knot to size, rehouse the knot back into the seam

What is the filter

The filter in these masks is made from a light weight, non-woven fabric which is fully machine washable and will last for a minimum of 6 months with regular use.

The mask is made from two layers of soft cotton fabric. The filter is fixed in place between these two layers. The flexible wire across the nose is designed to help you fit your mask. The stretchy ear loops are made from sort cotton fabric for comfort.


Our masks are designed to help stop the spread of the virus. They are not suitable for use in high risk situations, ie working in emergency departments, hospitals and other high risk areas but are perfectly suitable for protecting those around you in general daily life.


We also recommend storing your clean mask in a hygienic environment and changing masks often when you find yourself in high population areas.