This is a NON Talc product

Nutdust is a powerful blend of essential oils and friendly powders that combat sweat, chafing, rashes, smells and discomfort. It can be applied all over your body, including on your neck after you shave, arm pits, thighs and of course below your underwear.


Remove the discomfort and displeasure of sweaty balls, sweaty armpits or sweat in general, remove that rash and grab back your poise and move again with comfort and style.


An ancient legend from the highlands of Scotland, Nutdust is made from only natural ingredients.


Nutdustgives you:

  • a unique, professional design of essential oils that allure with a manly fragrance
  • a formulated combination of ingredients that provide antibacterial and anti fungal properties
  • a natural base powder that is free from talc and carcinogenic impacts
  • a genuine alternative to creams to keep you dry with durable comfort
  • support you with comfort and quality in all that you do