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Silver Trefoil Emerald Green Enamel drop Earrings

Silver Trefoil emerald green enamelled drop earrings – SE980 – Sterling silver earrings in a Celtic design with green hot vitreous enamel. Come on Sterling silver hooks.

The trefoil knot is an interlaced triquetra (three cornered) and is also known as a trinity knot. It was used in metalwork, illuminated manuscripts and commonly on crosses in the early Christian period. In Celtic design it is often interpreted as the three realms Land, Sea, Sky. In Christian designs it represents the Holy Trinity. Its modern interpretation is associated with love, honour and protection.

The intricate process of applying hot vitreous enamel is an ancient art that has been passed on through the centuries. Each piece is hand enamelled with fine glass powder.First of all each item is prepared and cleaned thoroughly to remove any form of contamination. The glass powder is ground in a mortar mixed with water and then painted into each area taking care not to allow any overrun. This is then dried and fired in a kiln at 800 degrees Celcius. Sometimes the item is fired twice to achieve the correct colours.

Width:12mm Height:35mm

Supplied in a velvet and satin-lined gift box.