10th Anniversary Ogham Pendant on Leather Thong

10th Anniversary ogham – a Cornish tin pendant on adjustable black leather thong. The ogham inscription interprets as “10th anniversary”.

The alphabetic code of the oghams is also known under the name of oghm, oghaim or ogam and was created, according to legend, by Ogma (Celtic god Ogmios), god of knowledge.

Inscriptions in ogham characters are only found in the British Isles. There are about 350 known inscriptions carved between 300 & 700 AD. Ogham is really an alphabetic code rather than an alphabet. There were four groups of five letters in the system but, later, five more signs were added to represent dipthongs. The inscriptions themselves had a central stem from which short staves went left, right or crossed. Although many were magical, most were memorial or invocatory.

Width: 16mm Height: 41mm | Thong length (max.): 76cm (30 inch)

Supplied in a satin lined and recyclable gift box.

Ref: DCP36