Australia Road and Terrain Map

Hema's iconic large map of Australia is coloured to reflect the country's climate zones. Marked on the map are localities, the major road network, distances and the major national parks. The visual appeal makes it perfect as a decorative map or an educational tool. On the reverse side is an overview of Australia's iconic touring regions featuring history, geology and landforms, nature, bucket-list attractions and $WD tracks.

 Key Features

  • Full road and terrain hillside map
  • Major road networks & distances
  • Overview of Australia's iconic touring regions
  • Climate zones
  • National parks
  • Road distances
  • Aboriginal lands
  • Distance grid
  • Locality Index

 Key Specifications

Edition: 2nd

Publication Date: 01/09/21

Scale: 1:4,500,000

Folded size (WxHxD): 146mm x 250mm x 3mm

Flat size (WxH): 1000mm x 875mm

Weight: 0.09kgs