St Piran T-Bar Cufflinks

St Piran T-bar cufflinks – Cornish tin, cold enamelled cufflinks depicting the flag of St Piran.
The T-bar findings are silver-plated.

St Piran is the patron saint of tin miners and also the national saint of Cornwall.
St Piran rediscovered tin-smelting when his black hearthstone, which was evidently a slab of tin-bearing ore,
had the tin smelt out of it and rise to the top to form a white cross. From this came the St Piran flag which is the
white cross on the black background that you can see all over Cornwall today.
St Piran’s day is celebrated annually on 5th March.

Width: 24mm Height: 13mm

As with all St Justin products, this item comes with a lifetime guarantee. If there is a fault in the workmanship, St Justin will repair or replace it free of charge. 

Ref -DCC09